PujyaSri Mathioli Saraswathy’s Talk: April 2006

An excerpt from PujyaSri Mathioli Saraswathy’s talk on 14th April 2006, the Tamil New Years Day at the Maa Anandamayi Ashram, Bangalore, India.

PujyaSri Akka began Her New Year Speech by extending a warm welcome to the gathering. A few minutes of silence was dedicated to the memory of actor Dr.Rajkumar followed by ‘Panchanga padanam’. Sri Akka mentioned that she was touched by the actors’ gesture of donating his eyes to two people of different age groups — 15 years and 55 years. She asked all present to light a moksha deepam for his departed soul on the tenth or thirteenth day of his demise.

Sri Akka’s message for Veeya Varusham

1. Significance of Veeya varusham: Veeya varusham commenced at 4.25 am. the letter/syllable ‘ ya’ (Vi’ya’) denotes beginning and end(mudhalum. mudivum ).It means the same in any language be it Malayalam, telugu,thamizh,kannada etc. This day happens to be the birthday of Dr.Ambedkar and the death day of Christ. There is ‘birth’ and ‘death!

2. Theme of this year : Manthra/Yanthra/Tantra: Manthras will be chanted by many, Yanthra(m) worship will increase either at home or temples and Tantra will be used by those to achieve their goals-good or bad. Rama japam will protect from evil.

3. Year of weddings : This year one can hear about marriages being fixed or being performed. So be prepared to be a part of it.

4. Yogam: Gaja kesari yogam. Planets Sukran (Venus), Sevvai (Mars) and the Sun are aspected by the Planet Guru (Jupiter). Good times are ahead.

5. BoomTime: Real estate will boom, construction of new buildings will be on the rise. Lord Vishwakarma should be worshipped to rectify Vaastu doshas . He is worshipped mostly by people living in North India.

6. Peyarchi’s (Transitions) and Eclipses: Rahu ketu peyarchi (transition): September 21, 2006. Guru Peyarchi (Transition): October 20, 2006 ( The day before Deepavali). Eclipses occur three times this year – two Lunar and one Solar.

7. Parigaarams: Observe mouna wrath/silence on all Mondays throughout this year.On Mondays with Sapthami Thithi, it need not be observed; instead chant any of Vishnu /Lalitha /Durga Sahasranamam along with friends or family. Why? Most often we tend to justify our mistakes while we malign others. By observing Mouna vrath on Mondays,we can be rid of these doshas and become pure in thought, clear in speech and execute duties with precision.

8. Sankalpam : Make an affirmation /sankalpam to gaze at the ‘moonram pirai (3 rd crescent moon after new moon) when ever it occurs. Why? Gazing at the ‘moondram pirai’helps to formulate accurate and fruitful decisions. Inform your friends at work about this so that they too may benefit(mutual). This applies to children as well. At this point Sri Akka recalled the times when mothers used to show children the Moon while feeding them food. We have forgotten the significance of this ritual.

9. Temples to visit:

  • Visit temples which has deities names as follows even if the Sanctum is closed.
  • Do pradakshina – ChandramoulishwaraChandramurthy/ Someshwarar / Sathyagreevar / Rohini / Krithigai.
  • Visit Temples with pillars (Thoongal)eg.Aairamkaal Mandapam in Rameshwaram, etc.They are pillars of support necessary in life! We normally use them to wipe off the prasadam or oil!
  • Adi pradakshinam (step by step), kuthi kaalpradakshina (heel)/ walk. Choose any of the above method of walking when you visit a temple. If there is one nearby or any other temple , walk along with your children to see God. This will bring about positive changes in life.
  • While visiting Temples, the normal practice is to look at the eyes of the deities first. Instead, first look at the Lord/goddesses feet. Look out for Paadhams made of stone, silver, touch them and bow before them.
  • Do namaskaram for your parents – their blessings will do you good.

10. Year of Pithru (departed souls) – The animals like cow, buffalo, goat, birds of sorts seen in temple premises, signify deceased souls. Presume that they are those of your family, spend a few moments thinking of them in these forms. Those who perform the yearly Shrardhams/homams continue, for those who do not , please perform this year.

11. Travel / Health: Avoid traveling at night especially after 12.00pm. Exercise caution while driving a car. Slow down! Sprains and corns will be the bane of this year! Pujyasri Akka suggested simple measures to over come the damage caused by extensive use of mobile and land phones. Solution: Add up the numbers of the cell phone or landline number which is in use individually. The single digit number of the total represents the number of a particular planet. Chant the Gayathri manthra of that planet once before you make or receive the first call for the day.eg.9884491909=61=6+1=7. 7 , is Ketu’s number. By following this , one can avoid disappoinments.

12. Karma : Increase your ‘Good ‘karma by performing Pooja’s for your family members and friends. Pray for their wellbeing. Karma Vinai – Karma is ‘action’. When we perform good deeds we accumulate Good Karma. Think positive, do not cheat or complain. Worries that seem insurmountable will vanish overnight with all the remedies suggested.

Sri Akka concluded her speech by saying that she has now given us measured doses to suit our needs – the keys to our joyous home and that it is now for us to utilize and make the world a better place.. Should we forget any aspect of the above mentioned remedies, she will guide and refresh our memory at the appropriate moment. Sri Akka blesses all of us to experience prosperity and happiness in the New Year. The evening concluded with a rendering of Saint Thiyagaraja’s composition ‘Pandureethi kolu veeya vaiya Rama’

The above speech was translated in Kannada to the audience by Shri.. Sathya and transcribed into English by Mrs. Soundarya Ramji.