Youth Concert: 2006 February

Youth Concert: 2006 Feb 26th, 7pm — Melody Sanford

Jai Nandalala!

Nandalala Mission’s February “Youth Concert Series” is this Sunday, 26th Feb. 2006, at 7pm. This has been rescheduled from 4 pm, to accomodate the performer’s church commitments.

The Piano recital will be performed by:

Melody Sanford
At: 734 Sequoia Drive, Sunnyvale, California

Please mark this on your calendar to attend. We want to have a good turnout to show our encouragement to these musicians. Melody has been practicing for months for this recital and Nandalala Mission can demonstrate our commitment to these young stars, by our presence alone! Please bring your family and friends. The concert will only be for an hour.

I would like to know the number of attendees, since this will be at the music studio across our house, and we have to arrange chairs for everyone.

— Gayathri