PujyaSri Mathioli Saraswathy’s Talk: January 2006

Pujyasri Mathioli Saraswathy’s speech on 1st January 2006

Happy New Year!

Sri Akka began Her speech wishing every one A “Happy New Year”, amidst an enthralling musical journe y on the keyboards by Master.Anush Narayanan, who was then nominated as the chief Music director for Nandalala Siruvar Sangam (Children’s Club) this year. She congratulated him on his melodious rendering and said that music alone has the capacity to touch the inner core and take one closer to the Divine.

Pujyasri Akka narrated a story related to a temple at Parakkalakottai near Thiruthuraipoondi, interspersed with subtle messages. She spoke at length about the story and sthala puranam of that temple. The Swami is known as Poduaavudaiyar.

Story #1: Which of the two takes you closer to God-as a Grihasthaa or as a sanyasin?

Vanagobar and Maha Munivar were two rishis residing in the Divine abode. They were assailed by such doubts and each decided to standby their belief. They approached Lord Devendra to help the m resolve the issue. Devendra knew that he had to getaway from this situation merely to avoid the wrath that could befall him. He directed them towards Lord Shiva who in turn told them to meditate upon Him while sitting under the two tamarind trees named ‘uranga pulli’ and ‘urangupulli’ in a small hamlet called Poigainallur. Lord Shiva left, promising to return with the answer pretty soon. But judgements of this sort take time! Maha Munivar sat under the ‘uranga pulli tree and Vana Gobar under the ‘urangu pulli’tree.

Lord Shiva reappeared before them with His entourage after the Asthamana puja at Chidambaram and gave them His verdict. But before that, how would the rishis recognize Him? They would, ofcourse unlike us ! Well , the glow that emanated from Him was golden yellow-,the colour of melting gold- like the early morning sunrise. (Here Akka mentioned that we can see God in Nature, during the sun rise and sun set there is color variation).

Lord Shiva thoughtfully declares that both stages – Grihastha and Sanyasin are an excellent medium for reaching the Divine! The rishis are mystified. This impartial judgement earned Lord Shiva the name ‘Pothu Aavudaiyar’and the town is now known as Parakalai Kottai.

Story #2: Basket weaver.

A basket weaver while gathering dried grass for weaving baskets, accidentally chops off a branch from a banyan tree. Instead of a milky white substance that normally dribbles out of a freshly cut branch, it started to lose blood profusely. The weaver in the process loses his eyesight and is left stranded. His family is out searching for him. As they draw closer, the sight of the bleeding tree seems like a flood about to happen. One of the villagers with the help of Divine Grace, identifies the banyantree as ‘Pothu Aavudaiyar( Lord Shiva.) The tree is named ‘Vellai ala maram’ after this episode. In short, vellalamram and is the sthalavriksham of Parakalai kottai. It is believed that Lord Shiva visited this place often after the Arthajama puja. Even today,there is evidence that this tree is still worshipped in the same hamlet but there is no temple. Here he is worshipped as Aroopam(formless),like it used to be when Nature worship was at its peak. Every temple has a sthalavriksham.eg.Naval tree at Thiruvanaika, Mango tree at Ekambareshwar temple ,Kanchipuram, Neem tree at Vaitheeswaran temple, to name a few. .Karthigai somavaram is of special significance here. The white dhothi that is tied around the tree trunk (Pothu Aavudaiyaar) and the Thiruvasi behind , resemble the Lingam while ara thi is being performed. Puja’s are done at midnight amidst joyous cacophony of musical instruments. On Pongal day and Mondays darshan is allowed.

Route:From Pattukottai it takes about 12- 15km s to reach Thiruthalai poondi and from there,Parakalaikottai(Poigai nallur) is only 10- 12kms .

Why did Lord Shiva enact this drama ? read on…….

The tamarind like the wood apple (vlamphazam)’ is not fit for consumption before it ripens.The ripened pulp separates from its shell and comes off easily .This state can be likened to that of an enlightened mind which is unaffected by joy or sorrow, and signifies that the body (shell of the tamarind) and soul (ripened pulp) are two separate identities and has understood the concept of oneness with the Supreme.

On the New Year 2006

This year has begun in an auspicious time—star Pooradam (Sukran’s star) in Kanya lagnam symbolizing Mahavishnu. Homams, Wedding, Satsangs, Kumbabishekams and Grihapraveshams will be a dominant element for the year. 2006 adds up to the number eight (8,Lord shani ) and 1st January (first month) is Lord Surya. The number 8 is an upward number, ie. when one writes the number 8, it finishes off on the top. Shani being a slow moving planet, one need not be worried . Obstacles can be easily overcome. This year is a combination of SURYA AND SHANI.

Special slokams / Prayers

1. Any slokam starting with the letter “ka, ke, ku, ki” or its matras— Kanagathara stotram, Krishnaashtakam, Karagreva Kamakshi Stotram, Kaithalam Nirai etc. We can recite such slokams and also teach children and share with others.

2. Any slokam having numbers – one, like Ekathanthaya vidmahe, or Devara padalkal, especially Appar songs which talk about the shakthi of numbers.

4. Chant Aditya Hrudayam once daily and 12 times on Sunday(since this year belongs to (Surya). It is good to do pradhakshinam to Surya Bhagwan or Navagraha sannidi and to visit Suryan temple or look at real sun. We must write Bhagavan nama – Sri. Ramajayam or Sri. Krishna or the name of your family deity, every morning after bath and before meals, as many times as we can. This will surely give good results.

5. The Swayamvara Parvati homam that is going to be conducted on January 22nd is not only good for marriage, it is also good for improving relations between husband and wife. Misunderstandings will be reduced.

What we must be careful about

Take necessary precautions while lighting gas stoves , lamps, candles and while handling electronic gadgets to prevent fire accidents.

Health aspects

Avoid the extensive use of cell phones and telephones to prevent damage to the ear. The radiation will lead to mental fatigue , palpitations and damage t o the ear. Paralysis could affect unexpectedly on unsuspecting victims. It is curable not to worry.

Problems in the eye will affect people working continuously at the computer.

Prospective grooms are advised to undergo medical tests well before they tie the knot (blood grouping, progeny etc to name a few). Horoscope matching alone will not suffice.


This year will be a year of forgetfulness. The slokams suggested should help in this regard. Combined (Group) studies will help in a big way. This will help to combat forgetfulness. Syllabuses will change causing untold distress to children. Encourage them by being positive. Teach them to handle life confidently and instill the art of self –discipline. Visit the famous temple that houses Lord Raveeshwaran (Surya) atVysarpadi to help children in studies.

Special features

There will be sun in monsoon season and rain in summer.

Special numbers are 3,5,8. We will hear good news on these dates or happy occasions will take place on these dates from north, west and northeast.

Green, red, pink, light blue and brown are special colors. We can buy for ourselves or gift in these colors. It is better to avoid pure white clothes without borders, like dhoti, etc.

This year will be a year of Suya Thambattam—“blowing one’s trumpets”. Watch out!

Events relating to kids including upanayanams, admissions, etc., will start off with conflicts but will end successfully. To facilitate this, recite Ganapathi Gayathri Stotram: Ekadantaya vidmahe,siva putrayah deemahi,thanno ganapathi prachothayath

Whenever we write the date in any document, money transactions or any diary recordings, we must write the numbers and letters mixed (alphanumeric). For example, Rs. Or Dollars. Five thousand instead of Rs ($) 5000——-4th January,06 instead of 4.1.06. This will help in increasing the power of numbers. By doing this , one can multiply and safe guard the money! This applies to any informal writing we do as well.

Pujyasri Akka spoke for a long time in a relaxed manner. Sri Akka requested one and all to welcome the New year with a positive note and light the lamp of happiness to spread the cheer around.

The Darshan concluded with the release of two precious books, one a kolam book by Sri Akka , titled ’Ther odum veedhigalil kolangal’ a priceless treasure and the other by Mrs Shantha sundaram ‘Potri, Padha malar potri’ a complilation of Divine verses penned by her on Sri Akka. This is a limited edition for private circulation only. Kindly contact Mrs.Poornima, Co-ordinator ,Nandalala Siruvar Sangam cell num: 9884382752 for your copy.

The kolam book By Sri Akka was auctioned by none other than Herself in a jovial mode! When she said that this book can be valued according to each one’s fancy, two People came forward to donate their gold ornaments as value for the book.T he proceeds will go towards Sree Nandalala temple fund. Contact Nandalala office ,tel no:044-24983631 for copies .

Wishing you all happy memories of last year and a fantastic beginning for the New Year 2006