Mounam Pesinal — If Silence Speaks

Book – Mounam Pesinal

Jai Nandalala!

Every Christmas, Pujyasri Mathioli Saraswathy, (Sri. AKKA) releases a book, penned entirely by HER, on various topics. This is a traditional event in the Nandalala Calender, and takes place at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, in Chennai, annually.

The books are written in tamil, and some of them have been translated into English. This year, we have the benefit of hearing from one of the devotees, Sri. Harihara Iyer, who has just finished reading the book. We give his commentary below. We will be getting tamil copies of this book very soon, in the US. If you are interested, please write to us and we can mail the book to you for a small donation.

Here is a flavor of the book, as written by Sri. Iyer.

“I have finished reading AKKA’s book. The title is “Mounam Pesinal” “If Silence Speaks” and not “Mounam Pesugirathu” – “Silence Speaks”.

It mainly deals with silence and introspection. The author has emphasised the need for more and more silence.

This will lead to quietude of mind and one will be able to analyse things better. The moment we start speaking we hear our own voice more and the ego gains uppermost importance.

She emphasizes that Mounam will remove ignorance and give clarity about true knowledge. Thus Mounam talks to everyone individually.Akka says to gain “Jnana” Mounam is the only way. In this context, I recall my long association with the Mouna Swamigal of Ambattur.

When we talk, we talk for others and when we observe Mounam and talk within ourselves it does not utter lies-only truth is seen. When Mounam talks, the sound is heard only by the mind. If the mind is awake and it abides by consciousness then the sound and its immense value can be experienced.

Akka narrates various stories and anecdotes to illustrate her point and prepare the reader to “go within” by dwelling in silence more and more. It is her unique style and her language and words are full of “direct expression” and “motherly affection”.

Thus when Mounam talks, one gets full satisfaction and unnecessary desires get curbed. We are happy with what we have and what we get. In other words, she teaches the secret of curbing unwanted desires which is the cause for all problems in life.

Death is certain but Akka narrates beautifully how important it is to live our present life usefully. The human body is given to us by God and it is our profound duty to nurture the same and protect the same well so that the Atma within can function effectively during this life. When death occurs, Atma continues and all our life’s doings are taken into account for the next life.

AKKA’s immense knowledge of our temples and Puranas are displayed as “pearls” in this book by quoting appropriate stories so that an ordinary person not equipped with knowledge of religion or vedanta can still immensely benefit and lead a life which is useful to himself and the society in which he/she lives in.

A great book indeed”

– Sri T. H. Iyer