PujyaSri Mathioli Saraswathy’s Talk: September 2005

Sri Akka, presiding over Sri Suktha Homam at the residence of Murali and Gayathri in Sunnyvale on Sunday 11th September 2005, gave a speech on the ensuing Guru Peyarchi (planet Jupiter transition) on 19th Sept. 2005. Her speech covered the highlights of each zodiac sign and also the prayers & propiations to be followed to ward off the effects of the same.

Given below is a synopsis of PujyaSri Akka’s speech.

Jai Nandalala!

Mesha Rasi ( Ashwini, Bharani & Krithikai I padam )
Business owners would see a profitable period and success will come their way easily. To ward off obstacles in their efforts they should pray to Rahu & Kethu among the Navagrahas.

Rishabha Rasi ( Krithigai last 3 padams, Rohini & Mrigashirisham 1&2 Padams ) Anxieties & worries caused by children will come to an end. Sizeable profits will be seen in businesses. Old loans will be returned. Unemployed will be successful in their efforts. Newly married couples will be blessed with child. Chant Hanuman Chalisa and do archanai to Sani graha.

Mithuna Rasi( Mrigashirisham Last 2 Padams, Thiruvadhirai & Punarvasu First 3 Padams )
The transition of Guru is very beneficial to people in this Rasi. Old debts will be recovered Will enable vehicle purchases and legal cases will end favorably. Students will have distractions & lose concentration. Offer flowers to God on Tuesdays & Fridays. If no flowers are available, one can at least offer a leaf arrangement.

Kataka Rasi ( Punarvasu Last padam, Poosam & Aayilyam )
Brother – Sister relationships will be closer than before. This year will be more profitable for business owners than previous year. There won’t be financial problems. Stubbornness needs to be eliminated. On your birth star days do milk abhishekam to Devi / Ambal.

Simha Rasi ( Makham, Pooram & Uttiram First Padam )
Unemployed will be successful in their efforts. They will maintain good health & have no financial problems. Seniors at work (bosses) may err in their judgment, but ignore it. Have pictures of Siva-Parvathi (United) in your prayer room for your worship.

Kanni Rasi ( Uttiram Last 3 Padams, Hastham & Chithrai First 2 Padams )
People will get cured of long standing illnesses. There won’t be worries on account of debts. Employed folks will have to work hard for the first five months. Romances will end in marriages. Archana to Lord Dakshinamurthy and Sundal neivedyam can be done on Thursdays.

Tula Rasi (Chithrai Last 2 Padams, Swathi & Visakham first 3 Padams )
There will be misunderstanding between business partners. Winds of good times will blow your way after January ’06. Chanting of Gayathri mantra will be beneficial as it will prevent obstacles.

Vrichika Rasi ( Visakham Last Padam, Anusham & Kettai )
Lots of happiness will be the order for people in this zodiac sign. There won’t be any financial problems. Business owners will benefit a lot this year. It’s Midas’s touch for them. Worshipping Lord Ganesha with jasmine flowers is suggested.

Dhanur Rasi ( Moolam, Pooradam & Utthiradam First Padam )
Guru will be doing a lot of good to people of this zodiac sign. Exercise caution in signing any documents as a guarantor. On Thursdays do archana with Jasmine flowers. One could wear ring with the Topaz gem for greater benefit.

Makara Rasi ( Utthiradam Last three padams, Thiruvonam & Avittam First two Padams )
Guru gives a boost to people of this zodiac sign by raising their financial levels. Opportunities to go abroad will arise. Unemployed will be successful in their efforts. Doing milk abhishekam to Lord Siva & Parvathi whenever possible will bring lasting peace & good luck.

Kumbha Rasi ( Avittam Last Two Padams,Sathayam & Poorattadhi Last Two Padams
Exercise caution in signing any documents as a guarantor. Business owners will have challenging times. Hard work is called for but results will be slow. Good events will take place in their families. Potential to buy house or car. Write “MURUGA CHARANAM” 16 times everyday on paper. Chant known sloka to Lord Subramania.

Meena Rasi ( Poorattadhi Last Padam, Utthirattadhi & Revathi )
Guru, who was guiding your fortunes from behind for so long is coming out directly to steer your career. Small misunderstandings in the family will disappear & won’t arise again. There will be improvement in your financial status. Medical expenses will come down. Work related stress will decrease, due to co-operation from colleagues.

On the whole there is no doubt that the transition of Guru is going to be of benevolence to people in this zodiac sign.

Chanting of Sudarsana, Hanuman & Sani Gayathri Japam 18 times every morning will keep you happy & free from any worries.

My blessings to all of you!

Mathioli R. Saraswathy.