PujyaSri Mathioli Saraswathy’s Talk: April 2005

Extracts from Sri Akka’s Speech – 4.10.2005 – On the occasion of
‘Parthiba’ Tamil New Year’s day celebrations at Bangalore, India 

  1. Introduction: Sri Akka for the first time gave the Tamil New Year speech at Bangalore. She delivered the speech in her usual interactive pleasant style. She stressed the need for elders to introduce the younger generation and children to the custom and mode of reading and understanding the essential tips provided in the Panchangam (The annual Almanac).
  2. General Prospects:  The year will be a good one with good rains, relief from drinking water shortage, good agricultural out put, good milk and dairy products output and good for milk yielding animals.
  3. Words of Caution: While there will be good rains, at times rain can also be torrential creating floods. There is likelihood of accidents on waterways. Children going for swimming should take extra care and safety measures. Parents should take extra care in this respect.
  4. Don’t overstock: During this year it is desirable to avoid over stocking items of provisions, clothing and other items of day-to-day use. It is advisable to buy items as and when necessary rather than bulk purchasing for annual or longer time requirements. This also applies to businessmen. They are advised to trade with minimum stock and buy or manufacture as and when there is need in the market.
  5. Housing: The year will witness a lot of housewarming ceremonies (Griha Pravesams). People who are blessed with prospects of owning a house as per their natal charts can buy /build new houses. It will also be good to participate in such functions and whole-heartedly greet the house owners.
  6. Marriage: Marriages, which have been postponed for one reason or the other, will be performed during this year. Similarly alliances that could not be formed due to horoscope hurdles will also be resolved during the year by finding appropriate matching alliances. There will be large instances of Widow remarriage, second marriages and marriages of physically handicapped.
  7. Morning Meditations before reading/viewing news:  During this year it is advisable not to read newspapers before 6.30 AM. The early morning news may be disturbing to read. It is strongly advised that all of us engage in some form of silence in the nature of meditation for at least 15 minutes immediately after we brush our teeth and before we have morning tea/coffee and before we read newspapers. One can just keep quiet or contemplate on some ‘mantra’ of one’s choice, or God or God’s name of one’s choice for about fifteen minutes before turning attention to the newspapers. This will soothe the mind and emotions and prepare us to effectively deal with the day-to-day work and challenges as well as ‘deal’ with the disturbing morning news, if any, that we may come across.
  8. Deepam’ / Lighting of Lamp: Sri Akka referred to the “Laksha Deepam” that was performed at Sri Nandalala Temple at Chennai during Dec 2004 to April 2005 for the welfare of the world. The grand finale was held on 9th April 2005. Whilst on this subject She had interesting inter active session with the audience. She gave an important tip of not lighting the matchstick in a rough or hasty fashion but in a gentle way. The lamp should be clean and properly adorned with sandal paste/kumkum and should be lit gently and gracefully.
  9. Lighting of Lamps for removing ‘Doshas’: Sri Akka gave important tips, which can be performed simply at home or at a temple by lighting specific number of lamps for specific ‘doshas’
    1. Durga or Sani Preethi: 9 lamps.
    2. Naga Dosham, Marriage Dosham, and Kala-Sarpa Dosham: 21 lamps.
    3. Guru dosham: 33 lamps
    4. Sarpa dosham: 48 lamps
    5. Puthra Dosham: 51 lamps
    6. Kalathra Dosham: 108 lamps

    It is not necessary to light separate lamps for the count given above. If we light one five-face lamp with wick (thiri) in each face it can be counted as five lamps. Thus one can light one five-face lamp with five wicks and light another with four wicks or four separate single wick lamps and make the count nine. If one is not able to light more than a few lamps every day, the same can be lit over a period of few days. For instance one can light nine lamps everyday for 12 days to complete 108 lamps. This can be performed for one’s own benefit or for the benefit of relatives or friends or third parties.  

  10. Deepa Arathi: While performing Deepa Arathi the same should be done three times. If we do Arathi separately for each of the portraits or vigrahas for each such portrait or vigaraha we should perform the Arathi three times. Alternatively we can perform three Arathis in common to all the portraits. The Arathi should be performed gently from top to toe of the deity in a circular form three times and should not be performed hastily or in a haphazard manner. The significance of  ‘three times’ should be understood. The first one is for ‘Loka shemam’ that is for the welfare of the world. The second one is for self, family and friends. The third one is for the five elements (i.e. Pancha Poothas) so that we pray the five elements and the five elements in turn do not trouble us but protect us. While we may not know what or where is ‘heaven’ but we want it after death. ‘Heaven’ can be certainly had here itself and after death as well if we perform the Arathi in the above fashion. The first Arathi is for earth. The second one is for our experiencing heaven on the earth itself and even after reaching the celestial space after our death. The third one signifies the merger of the five elements in the space. Thus we become one with the ‘divine light’. Divinity is after all ‘light’ and we will reflect the same and eventually merge into the same by performing Arathi as above.
  11. Significance of Direction of Lighting Lamp: If we light the lamp, the lit lamp facing the Eastern direction, the same confers benefit of money flow and monetary difficulties will not be faced. If the direction is West, the debt burden is removed. Further enmities will also be eliminated. If the direction is North, we will achieve success in our endeavours. If the direction is Northeast, it makes one a philanthropist. The philanthropic nature is also sustained by his successors. As for South, the significance of the same can be learnt from reading the almanac.
  12. Lakshmi Kubera Yantra: Sri Akka also suggested use of a Yantra, which is drawn, based on Numerology and signifies Lakshmi Kubera the divine form that confers wealth, prosperity and good health. There are nine sets of numbers arranged in three rows that is a total nine squares. Each row when totaled amount to 72. This Yantra can be drawn on plank by using rice flour (‘kolam’ powder). In each square one rupee coin be placed ‘number one’ facing us. On each of the coin a small dot can be placed with sandal paste and kumkum. The sandal paste and kumkum should not spill over. The Lakshmi Nama or Kubera Nama can be chanted for a few times. Milk can be offered as Naivedhyam. This simple worship can be performed on Tuesdays, Fridays, Deepavali Day, Full Moon day, or any other day of significance as may be preferred by the devotee. It can even be a birthday of a family member or wedding anniversary day and the like. The Yantra is drawn as follows.

    Sri Lakshmi Kubera Yantra 

      27 20 25

There is nothing that is impossible in the Parthiba year. Nothing is difficult. Any one who follows the above tips with confidence and faith can achieve everything and overcome any hurdle. The above tips of Sri Akka are valid for all the years to come. 

Sri Akka blesses all of us to experience prosperity and happiness in the New Year.

Compiled by the Bangalore Chapter